And It Must Be Said

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

An Update

Here are some highlights from the past few weeks:

The students are back! Last week I held an Open House where over 100 residents came to check out my digs and snack on homemade oreos and milk. It is quite possibly the best thing I’ve done since I became a Hall Director, if I do say so myself.

Went to the Central Dallas Ministries Urban Engagement book group last Thursday, which meets at a church on SMU’s campus and met some very interesting people. I chatted with a prof from Perkins, the seminary at SMU. He laughed out loud over the irony that I was at the book group and my husband was sitting in a classroom at DTS. Mostly he was laughing because someone had just been bashing “Dispensational Pre-Millenials” and thought it was funny that I was married to one. He asked how Benj hooked up with a liberal like me. I explained that yes, even they, can care about the poor.

Had an Organizational Change class all day on Saturday, at the Dallas campus. It was the friendliest class I’ve had yet at UNT! Afterwards we spent the evening with our friends Tim and Courtney and their dog, Bentley, who pees all the time. Good friends, good food, good weather, good hot tub, good times throwing eggs at 14 year old boys, good conversations about passions and disappointments. Yes, all of that really did happen.

Went to church on Sunday. It was so good it made me want to curse. I am thankful.

Looking forward to:

Maya Angelou speaking on campus on Thursday night – way exciting.

Homework every spare minute of the day, so that…

We leave Friday morning at 5 am for DFW where we will fly to St Louis for a blissful 4 day homework-free vacation. The Zoo, Natural History Museum, and Busch Stadium are all calling our name. We’re packing light and taking public transportation everywhere. Can’t wait!

Derek Webb in concert on Monday the 25th, somewhere around here.