And It Must Be Said

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Loving Liberally

It has taken me 26 years to figure out what political party I don't want to be affiliated with. I know that doesn't sound right, but its true. I haven't given my vote away to any party - yet - but I know who won't get it. I have always been a registered Independent (mostly just because I love the word - INDEPENDENT!) but the past year I have found myself moving closer and closer to the left. Dare I say it? Am I becoming (horrors!) a Liberal? Before you write me off, hear me out.

Here's a little bit of my political history:
My Mom is a Republican
My Dad is a Democrat
I have no idea what my sister is
My husband is a Republican. A conservative Republican.
I have never taken an interest in politics until recently.

I have found myself growing more and more disappointed with the Republican party. This is ironic since this move to the left has occurred while I have lived in Texas, the Republican capital of the world. I think Texas is a large part of why I have found myself unnerved and disgusted with much of right-wing politics. Racism, homophobia, big and rich things run rampant here. I also have a more diverse friend base. Diverse people tend to vote Democrat and care more about poor people and what we call "opportuny." I started reading Donald Miller and Anne LaMott.

I have questions. How do I reconcile my thoughts on abortion with my thoughts on capital punishment? How do I find a balance between what so many Christians think is right and the horrible treatment of homosexuals? When do poverty and so many other issues in the Bible become important to me, as a voter? How about war? Should it anger me that churches have voting drives and only have Republican registration tables? How can one injustice possibley be "more OK" than other?

So there is my struggle. I am trying. I am growing. I know that what is right for me may not be "right" for the majority of Christians. I am working on being OK with that and on how to control my tongue. I know the Religious Right drives me crazy with the blind eye they turn to so many causes in the Bible. I do not want to be a single issue voter. But how do you vote when there is no party that aligns with all that you believe to be true, Biblical and just?

Benji, my husband, tends to get the brunt of my rantings/questions/challenges/questions. He is patient. He is also conservative. We talk. We argue. We compete. At the end, we are spent, but I have made my point and he, his. Here is how our talks end:

Benji kisses me on the nose and says "I love you, my little liberal."
I kiss him back and say "I love you, my crazy conservative."
And then I smile. Wickedly. And say, "Aren't you glad I love you liberally, and not conservatively?"
And he just shakes his had, gives me the"You exhaust me but you are the funniest woman I know" look and says "Yes. I am glad."


Well, I did it. My own blog. I can't help it. There are just some things that must be said. And I am just the girl to say them.