And It Must Be Said

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Kindred Spirit Tears

Sunday evening I was at church as usual, going through the motions. Bow head. Stand up. Sing songs. Thoughts wandering.

I was tired. I had spent the whole weekend studying for a final I have this week and for the GMAT which I took (and passed!) yesterday. I don't want to say that I was "spiritually dry" (to throw some Christianese at you) but I was definitely unfocused. A little weary. Distracted.

We are singing a song I've never heard before and someone grabs my hand from behind and its my friend Katie. Katie (pictured below, with one of our Romanian friends) is my kindred-spirit friend. We met on a missions trip to Romania this summer, and think similar thoughts on a variety of subjects: Thomas Kincade, politics, art, having lists of 50 things to do before you die, Richard Foster, and, my most recent favorite: "Madeline L'Engle thinks that Jesus time traveled?!?!" These are things we discuss and laugh hysterically about. I love sharing my heart with her and hearing hers. She is great.

So anyway, I am standing, singing (no-heartedly) and up walks Katie and she starts singing behind me. I'm listening to her worship the God that I know she Loves, and I just start crying. Suddenly I am focused again. I realize I have a purpose in being in that large room full of people I don't know. Hearing Katie sing to the God that we have prayed together to, discussed at length and at random, been confused and mused over, loved in similar and different ways - it changed my heart, put me back in my place.

I was reminded (yet again) how much I really need people. Its been a common theme for me the past few weeks. I picture God throwing His arms up (huge arms), hands (huge hands) cupped around his mouth (huge mouth) shouting (not angrily, a little frustrated though) down to me "How many times do I have to tell you? You can't do this whole life thing on your own!" And I really can't. I know it. Its just that I need reminders sometimes.

Thank God for people. Thank you God for Katie.